Zenith Spa, pool & more is that ideal place to relax we’re all looking for, with a stunning view of the sea, regardless of the season.
Here you can enjoy a large Jacuzzi pool and dry sauna, both with panoramic views of the sea, steam sauna and volatile oils, saline, massage parlours,
emotional and aromatic showers, aromatherapy and chromotherapy, cardio and fitness machines, as well as the outdoor pool with solarium
on a spectacular terrace. The SPA acces and use of any facility or service offered can be made exclusively by persons over 16 years of age.


Zenith Spa is the project made out of a passion for health, dedication to innovation and the pleasure of providing joy and relaxation. We pay attention to every guest and want our time to become an unforgettable experience.

The spa defines the concept of elegance and refinement being in a natural, spectacular, fresh and permanent dynamic setting. We are increasing our team and we are constantly up to date with the latest developments in the field to provide not only a special décor, but also the latest relaxation techniques.

Defined by the services quality, the team’s open and warm attitude, the attire and the unique architecture, Zenith Spa will find it’s place in the wellness services market, but above all, will gain your appreciation, confidence and fidelity. We keep up with the best in the industry to provide you with premium services and facilities.



Due to the special conditions caused by the pandemic and the specific regulations applicable, the following spa facilities are closed: dry sauna, wet sauna, jacuzzi, salt, emotional and aromatic showers, cardio and fitness machines, relaxation area and access to locker rooms.

Only the outdoor swimming pool is operational daily from 09:00 until 19:00, only with prior reservation and is exclusively dedicated to Zenith Hotel’s guests until the end of September 2020.

The use of a pool sunbed can be made by contacting the spa reception at phone number +40786 805 702. Reservations can only be made between 16:00 and 19:00 on the previous day use, or during the day of use from 08:00 to 12:00.

Massage and cosmetic services can be scheduled daily from 08:30 to 19:00 at the SPA reception, from a wide variety of massages, rituals and packages available. You can make appointments exclusively by phone number +40786 805 702.

There are three massage cabinets, one of which is dedicated to external clients whose access to the premises is controlled, only with reservation, with assessment at the entrance and on the basis of the affidavit.

For more information for the special Zenith pool use regulations and the massage cabinet use rules in the summer 2020 season, please refer to the Rules of Conduct below.


Access is made exclusively on the 1st floor of  Junona Buiding, through the Spa reception. The acces payment for the outdoor pool, and receive the individual bracelet, will be made exclusively at the Spa reception.

Also in the Spa reception the evaluation is made, and the affidavit is completed before entering the massage cabinets.


The use of the protective mask is mandatory in indoor spaces (sanitary groups, transit of the spa between the reception and the pool).

Special rules for using zenith pool in summer season 2020

  Due to the special conditions arising from the pandemic and the specific regulations applicable, please note that some of the currently used commercial conditions and internal rules, previously promoted and known by our guests, are partially suspended or modified during the 2020 summer season, as specified below, the only ones in force.

 Please comply and follow the specified internal rules and the guidance of the hotel staff.

 The rules  also includes extracts from Order No 619/1077/2020 of 13 June 2020 on specific measures for the protection of swimming pools sanitary protection.

  • considering the provisions of the order specified, the number of seats available at the Zenith pool has been significantly reduced;
  • regardless the type of room or package of accommodation purchased, access to the pool is not a guaranteed service;
  • the swimming pool is open daily from 09:00 until 19:00 and is exclusively for Zenith Hotel guests;
  •  the pool access can only be confirmed within the limits of availability and always on a first-come-first-served basis;
  • the sundbed use at the pool can be made exclusively by hotel’s guests by contacting the spa reception by phone number +40786 805 702;
  • the reservation can only be made between 16:00 and 19:00 on the previous day or on the day of use from 08:00 to 12:00;
  • seat confirmation is only received within the availability of free seats at the time of the call, including for guests who have purchased the Premium Plus package;
  • at the time of booking, the sun bed value will be charged to the room account, the subsequent cancellation being fully penalized;
  • when you receive the booking confirmation, you will be informed of the time available for arrival at the spa reception for access to the pool;
  • please comply the indicated time in order to keep minimum contact with another person who is about to access the pool;
  • if you cannot meet the confirmed time, please notify the spa reception in advance to reschedule access;
  • after receiving the booking confirmation and fee charging, access will be allowed only on the basis of the hand-held bracelet at the spa reception;
  • pool access is limited to a maximum of 30 seats and a maximum of 10 children up to and including 7 years of age on the same sun lounger as their parents;
  • the sun beds are placed in fixed positions in groups of two, with 2 metres between each pair, with an umbrella and table;
  • it is mandatory to comply with the distance of 2 m in any direction between sun beds which are used by persons from different families;
  • under no circumstances is not allowed for guests to change the location of the sun beds in any situation requesting assistance;
  • exceptions may be allowed only in the case of members of the same family who may occupy 3 or 4 seats, but respecting the distance from other persons;
  • the pool assistant is obliged to first check with the hotel reception the veracity of the information on the membership of the same family;
  • the pool access shall be within the limits of the capacity adopted, so that each person has a space in the water of approx. 12 sqm;
  • taking into consideration the size of the pool, the access is possible at the same time for a maximum number of 12 people (adults and children);
  • pool assistants are required to request voluntary exit from the pool if the number of persons is exceeded;
  • the refusal to comply with the rules imposed by the authorities entitles the hotel representatives to request the evacuation of the person concerned;
  • the pool access will be restricted if the established capacity limits are exceeded and the physical distance cannot be maintained;
  • the pool access is only through the specified entry point, i.e. at the spa reception, following the marked indoors routes;
  • at the spa reception entrance, epidemiological triage is carried out, denying access to persons with a temperature above 37,30 C;
  • at the pool’s entrance, guests will necessarily pass through trays containing chlorine water to disinfect the feet;
  • for a better health security and minimum interference as possible, the number of employees interacting with the public will be reduced;
  • for toilets use, the rules of physical distancing, the rules of civism and those of mutual respect must be complied;
  • spitting or nose blowing inside the pool is prohibited, for any such need personal napkins or toilet are used;
  • the sun bed must be used individually, without it being shared between persons who are not members of the family;
  • before and after each use, the pool lounger shall be cleaned by the assistant and disinfected with approved biocidal products;
  • the toilets on the 1st floor serving the pool will be provided with water, soap, disinfectant, paper towels and trash cans;
  • for health security reasons this season, the pool may be significantly reduced or bar services may not be carried out;
  • respiratory hygiene is mandatory (coughing and sneezing in the disposable handkerchief, which will be immediately thrown in the trash);
  • the use of the protective mask is mandatory in indoor spaces (sanitary groups, transit of the spa between the reception;
  • employees will avoid physical interaction with guests as much as possible and discourage excessive interaction between customers;
  • the pool assistents will wear a mask at the time of any interaction with guests, which is also requested for guests;
  • in order to be easily disinfected after each use, this season the sun loungers will not have the mattress;
  • for sitting on the sunbed, use only personal towels, or you can rent a sealed one from the spa reception.
  • rental rates for sun loungers, towels or massage appointments are displayed at the place of sale, at the spa reception.

Special rules for use in Zenith massage rooms in the summer season 2020

  • the time frame allocated for carrying out the ordered procedures will be observed in order to allow the staff to carry out all necessary sanitation procedures between guests;
  • it is preferable that the arrival should not be earlier than the scheduled time, especially the waiting can be made only in the hotel reception;
  • the client disequipment and equipment outside the hotel will be done in the massage room;
  • the guest will be accompanied by the maseur from the Spa reception and will be led directly into the massage room;
  • guests are required to wear a protective mask for the entire duration of massages/body procedures, except for facial cosmetic procedures;
  • the masseur is obliged to wear a mask and protective gloves for the duration procedure;
  • for facial procedures, the beautician will wear a mask and personal protective visor.

For your security, absolutely all public spaces are permanently supervised by the receptionist on duty. Deviations from the rules of use displayed, rules of conduct or conflict situations are immediately notified to hotel security agents, who may ask you to evacuate the premises.