The bar and terrace have been set up with summer evenings in mind so that you can be able to step away from the hustle and bustle and spend pleasant moments with friends or family, contemplating the spectacle of the sea.


Is the perfect environment for socializing and relaxing, with new and old friends. Here you can enjoy your favorite drink or try an exotic cocktail, watch football games and other sports competitions.

A place designed for conversation and relaxation.

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Evenings with friends are among the most precious moments. Likewise, the first beer you drink with your father or the cocktail to celebrate, as a couple, another summer together. Many of these unique moments can take place at Zenith!

In the Bar’s menu you can find a selection of fine alcoholic beverages, selected wines, different types of beer, natural juices, refreshments and coffee.

There are 25 seats available in the lounge and 40 available seats on the terrace.


Working hours:

                          Monday – Sunday:

                              07:00 – 22:30