Based on the legislation and regulations in the field ( GEO no. 8/2009 on the granting of holiday vouchers, updated 2018, GD no. 215 / 2009 for the approval of the Methodological Norms regarding the granting of holiday tickets, amended by GD no. 614/2015, updated 2017, Law no. 165/2018, completed and amended by Law no. 187 / 2022 ) the services that can be purchased and the conditions of use of holiday vouchers are the following:

Holiday vouchers are granted to employees exclusively for the purpose of covering expenses incurred on holidays, respectively for paying the contracted package of touristic services.

Persons who have received nominal holiday vouchers are the only persons legally entitled to use them during the period of validity, being prohibited from selling them or giving them away to others.

Holiday vouchers can be used during the validity period only on the Romanian territory, in locations that accept their collection, being able to cover the value of the following services, only in the specified configurations:

(i) accommodation at any lodging structure, whether in resorts or in cities;
(ii) service packages including mandatory accommodation (minimum package) and one or more services (internal transport, meal services,  entertainment services);


Therefore, holiday vouchers may cover either only the value of accommodation services (minimum package) or the value of service packages containing accommodation and other services (transport, meals, entertainment) only if they are set up in the form of packages of touristic services from the time of booking and purchase.

For a better understanding, multiple touristic services can be paid with holiday vouchers, if, from the time of request of the reservation:

( i ) a package of touristic services was set up to include accommodation in the chosen location (affiliated unit), and other services (transport, meals, entertainment), or

( iii ) an amount above the accommodation value (room credit/account) was specified / constituted, to cover other touristic services subsequently decided, in the chosen location (bar and restaurant charges, leisure and relaxation services).

Holiday vouchers may not be used to pay separately, on site, only for the bar or restaurant charges, nor for relaxation services (ex: massages), if they were not part of the contracted service package.


Dear guests,

We inform you that, according to the decision of the Local Council of Constanța Municipality on 26.05.2023, regarding the amendment and completion of HCL 614 / 2022 regarding the establishment of taxes and fees for Constanța Municipality in 2023, starting with June 1, 2023, the tax for the development and promotion of tourism with the value of 1% applied to the net accommodation rate and calculated for the entire period of stay is due by the tourist / person staying.

This fee will be collected by the hotel at the time of the check-in procedures and transferred to the local budget according to the provisions of the above mentioned decision.

You can view the decision of the Local Council of Constanța Municipality by accesing the link below: