Mamaia is well known as a destination for relaxation and fun, both for families and for young people looking for the most animated clubs.

The resort’s unbeatable assets include fine and well-maintained sandy beaches, the location of hotel being close to the beach, as well as access to water sports or amusement parks.


Both children and adults with need of adrenaline, can spend a few hours in the Holiday Village – an animated amusement park with facilities and games of all tastes.

After a portion of cheerfulness, the promenade, where traders from all over the country gather, the terraces with sea views and the varied restaurants are the ingredients of a typical evening for tourists who come year after year to the resort of Mamaia.


Water sports lovers can venture into the waters of the Black Sea, but also into the quieter waters of Lake Siutghiol. Tourists’ favourite sports include jet skiing and water skiing, scuba diving, wind surfing, kite surfing, stand-up paddling, etc.

There are also a few hot spotes in the resort for connoisseurs where seasonal athletes get together and relax after a big portion of “battle with the waves”.  Diving centres in the area are open to the general public for courses and high-performance equipment rentals.


Daytime activities are complemented by throbbing nightlife. Clubs in Mamaia satisfy even the most sophisticated tastes.

Mamaia was awarded at the Monte Carlo International Club Festival with the title of “Most Fashion and Dynamic Resort”.

Clubs in the north of the resort are changing the concept of a party and improving their services year to year.