The presentations on this website regarding the spaces, capacities, functions and facilities of the conference center relate to a period of normal operations. Given the global health issues and the restrictions imposed by the authorities, the conditions of use for these spaces have changed significantly.
As each event or meeting is different, in order to find the best organizational solutions, respecting exactly the legal provisions, 
please contact us to develop together the optimal and perfectly safe solution for the participants.


Extremely versatile, with a large but compact surface, Zenith Events Center is the ideal place for memorable beachfront events, official, commercial or private, indoors all year round, or outdoors, during the summer. Equipped with professional multimedia equipment and modular space-sharing technology, the center can be configured with up to five rooms of different sizes. The center also has a spacious terrace with sea views. Depending on the requirements, the modular spaces are adapted to the number of participants or to the particularities of the event.

Located a few steps from the seafront, these event venues in Mamaia offers all the necessary facilities for a succesful event.


Natural light, access on the seashore and a panoramic terrace with spectacular viewing. This is the perfect framework for celebrations and special occasions!


“Online” training sessions are in the trend! The Internet connection capacity and speed in the conference center can support over 200 simultaneous users in the same space.

Personal or Company event? Why wouldn’t you organize it at the seaside? A unique view, matching with every scene and occasion, modular spaces, high-performance technology and specialists ready to handle all your needs. Zenith events Center offers professional and efficient solutions.


At Zenith events Center you get high performance multimedia technology. Conference rooms are equipped with:

– professional video projectors for great visibility in large and  bright conference rooms;

– rotating video projector for optimal visibility, regardless the space layout and wall chosen for projection;

-fixed monitors to access every space, regardless of configuration, as well as mobile monitors, which can be placed in any space.


In all the conference spaces, you have included high-speed Internet, wired and Wi-FI, which can support up to 200 simultaneous users. There are also multiple connections throughout the center, in floor nozzles or on the perimeter, in walls, as well as:

– 220 V power sockets

-video and audio signal

Technology, gastronomy and a lot of attention dedicated to your event!


Ideal for large company parties, banquets, receptions or memorable private events. All spaces offer multiple arrangement options thanks to the mobile walls. Zenith events Center has a similar surface to a queen ballroom, close to Constanta: About 800 sqm with rooms over 400 sqm, to which can be added common areas, which allow the distinct layout of space when several events occur simultaneously. The panoramic sea terrace with over 300 sqm area, complements the number of Zenith events Center spaces that can host unique events.                  Capacity: Maximum 500 persons


Advice and support are always provided in events organizing  through a specialized organizer from our events team.


Additional on-request equipments are provided for the event to take place in best conditions, along with IT and technical support.