Due to special circumstances determined by the pandemic and because of the specific regulations that have been imposed, we kindly ask you to take notice that some of the current trading conditions and internal rules, previously stated in the voucher’s annex / reservation’s confirmation and known by our guests, are partially suspended or modified during 2022. Other stipulations that have not been canceled or altered by the special conditions imposed during this season, will remain available and applicable.

We request all our guests to display an attitude of civism and to strictly respect internal rules and the hotel’s staff indications.




Taking into consideration expert opinion, legal dispositions and all health safety regulations issued globally and locally until now, COVID-19 spreads through secretions released into the open air or on different surfaces. Direct contact with an infected person, being in a contaminated environment or making indirect contact by comming in touch with surfaces or objects which have been previously contaminated through respiratory secretions and then touching the mouth, nose or eyes, are all considered means of spreading the virus.




The most important means of prevention include:

  • frequent and constant hand washing, for 20-30 seconds;
  • physical distancing of at least 2 m;
  • avoid touching the eyes, nose and mouth with unsanitized hands;
  • avoid unnecesary touching of surfaces;
  • avoid or minimize direct contact with other hotel guests or employees;
  • maintain proper respiratory hygiene (use disposable paper tissues upon coughing or sneezing and immediately wash the hands);
  • mandatory wearing of the protection face mask in all public areas of the hotel (except for when food or beverages are being served);
  • following the rules and regulations established by the hotel’s management and hereby presented.



Hotel Zenith’s Management team adopts a responsable and pro-active attitude and puts together an action group with definite responsability of insuring the best sanitary conditions for guests and employees.

1. Action plan

A wide and complex set of internal rules and procedures has been implemented, in accordance, at the same time, with the regulation issued by the central and local authorities, in order to prevent infection among guests and employees and to comply with the new standards of hygiene, cleaning and disinfection methods of the rooms and common areas.


2. Mobilisation and resources

The hotel’s management team has assigned significant additional financial resources in order to accurately insure the new sanitary safety criteria and has looked into the complete and efficient implementation of the new procedures. They will be constantly updated according to new regulation issued by the authorities.

For hotel’s guests safety, the management applies the following measures in relation with its employees (short reference from the Internal Health Security Regulation):

  • measuring the employees temperature upon starting a new work day. Access to work for those emplyees, with a temperature above 37.3*C or showing other symptoms associated with COVID-19 virus, will be denied;
  • placing hand sanitizer dispensers in all working areas ;
  • insuring each hotel department with protection equipment (face masks, gloves, protection glasses, jumpsuits, disposable robes and sanitizing substances specific for each department);
  • correct training for staff who directly interact with hotel’s guests (receptionists, waiters, bartenders, cooks, maids, masseurs, technicians, security guards) in regards to mainaining personal hygiene standards and physical distancing;
  • complying with the standards regarding proper hygiene of the work area;
  • correct training of the housekeeping department concerning substances used in cleaning and sanitizing the hotel’s rooms and common areas. The cleaning process is intensified in order to insure that services are being provided in the safest conditions;
  • correct training of the food & beverage department staff regarding the implementation of the new health safety measures mandatory in the process of food and bavarages preparation and serving;
  • displaying informative documents in all domestic areas in order to amplify the importance of strictly complying with the new procedures by all employees, as well as displaying updated information regarding rules and procedures.


3. Monitoring

The action group constantly supervises that guests and employees comply with the rules and procedures and permanently evaluates the efficiency of the measures taken inside de hotel, in order to identify both, correctly or insufficiently applied measures, and to make corrections where necessary. Guests ignoring or not complying with the set of internal rules hereby presented will make the hotel’s financial and logistic efforts completely useless.


4. Centralisation and traceability

For the complete safety of hotel guests, daily actions and measures taken by the employees are being accurately recorded in order to insure a safe and healthy evironment. These records help to improve measures and procedures. At the same time, the way that guests comply with the safety measures presented in this set of rules is being monitored. Constant neglect and repeatedly defying of the rules and ways of conduct established in the hotel’s set of internal health security regulation and of the ones generally applied by the authorities, can determine de hotel’s management to call on the local authorities in the Health Department regarding the behaviour of those who will not comply and who endanger the health safety of other guests and hotel employees.


5. Accommodation services

5.1 General rules

  • upon entering the hotel, at the hotel’s front desk and in all other common areas of the hotel, guests are required to WEAR PROTECTION FACE MASKS;
  • upon arrival, guests body temperature will be measured. Guests measuring a body temperature above 37.3*C will have to remain outside the hotel and return after 5 minutes in order to have their temperature measured again. In case the guest’s temperature will still be above 37.3*C, access inside de hotel will not be granted, and he / she will be advised to contact the family doctor or the authorities in the Health Department;
  • guests are required to keep a minimum distance of 2 m from other guests or hotel’s employees and to follow the direction marks signelled on the floor infront the hotel’s reception;
  • guests shall not use the hotel’s lobby for socializing; this area is intended for check-in / check–out procedures, for requesting information and for walking towards other hotel facilities;
  • prior to their arrival, guests must read all information included in the Internal Helth Security Regulation, mandatory for all hotel’s guests, received either from the travel agency or from the hotel’s travel agents (depending on the method of reservation) or by accessing the hotel’s official website In order to recall some of the information during their stay, guests can go over the printed informative documents they receive at check-in or they can scan the QR codes displayed in hotel’s public ares, gaining access to all required information directly on their mobile phones ;
  • guests must comply with the informative posters displayed inside the hotel’s property and with the directions given by the circulation markings on the floor, in order to keep proper physical distancing and to follow correctly the lines of circulation;
  • in order to avoid overcrowding , to minimize contact with the front desk staff and to limit the time spent in line, guests are requested to use alternative means of communication, since printed vouchers will likely not be be accepted anymore;
  • vouchers issued by travel agencies must be sent either by e-mail to, or through WhatsApp application to 0040 732 121 606, preferably 24 hours before arrival or at least with minimum 4 hours before arrival;
  • along with the voucher, the information needed for fillingi-in in advance the registration form which can be downloaded from the hotel’s webiste (name, surname, ID number af all adults occupying the room) must be also sent. Copies of ID cards or of any other personal documents will not be sent by e-mail or WhatsApp;
  • also, along with the voucher, the statutory declaration of each adult person accupying the room (which can be downloaded fron the hotel’s website) must be sent, too. By signing the declaration, every adult takes responsabilty to comply with the general valid regulation issued by the authorities, with the rules hereby presented, and takes on the responsability for any situation that may occur because of their travel and stay.
  • guests that have choosen to send in advance their voucher, the infomation for the registration form and the statuary declaration, and that have also mentioned the approximate time of their arrival (which can not be earlier then 16:00) can benefit from a faster check-in procedure, depending on the number of guests at that moment;
  • after all access requirments have been met, the registration form (which has been previously filled in by the front desk staff) will be signed by the guests and they will receive the room key card (disinfected and securely sealed in a small plastic bag).
  • also in order to minimize contact with the front desk staff and avoid overcrowding, guests are encouraged to:
  • use means of online prepaid payment (throughout platform) or by using a contacless credit card at the hotel’s front desk;
  • checking-in and checking-out at less crowded hours (between 09:00-11:00 for departures and 16:00-18:00 for arrivals);
  • in case of multiple reservations (organized groups or families with numerous members) the group’s coordinator will be asked to perform the check-in procedure and, as much as possible, to be the only and direct contact person throughout the entire stay; the group’s coordinator has the responsability to sent with 24 hours before arrival the name list with all group participants and all the necesarry information for filling in the registration form, to
  • the room key cards and luggage tags will be handed over to the group’s coordinator in order to be further distributed to all group members;
  • for no other reason then the one regarding irreperable technical matters, the room that has already been assigned can’t be changed for another after performing the check-in procedure and after entering it. Regarding fully justified special requests of rooms next to each other or at a certain floor, guests must inform the hotel in advance and will be confirmed only according to the hotel’s availability;
  • in order to minimize physical contact, guests have the possibility to request their fiscal invoices to be sent to them by e-mail; for doing so, an e-mail adress must be provided;
  • generally, guests should avoid using the hotel’s elevators as much as possible, choosing instead to use the stairs. In case this is not an option, elevators will be used by one person at a time or by a maximum number of 4 people if they are members of the same family;
  • guests can throw away used proction equipment such as face masks and gloves only in the dustbins found inside their room or in the ones inside the toilets on which occasion they can also sanitize their hands;
  • we kindly request all guests who have traveled to highly affected countries, who came into contact with other people confirmed with SARS-Cov-2 or who developed specific symptoms not to travel to the hotel and to immediately inform the authorities;
  • according to governmental recommandations for minimising COVID-19 spreading, while these recommandations are in force, the hotel is allowed to request guests for additional documents attesting identity, travel itinerary and other revelant information;
  • for more information and medical guidance, guests can call local hospitals and local emergency centers: Constanta’s Public Health Department – 0241.480.940 / 021.551.218; „St. Ap. Andrew” Municipal Emergency Hospital – 0241.743.447.


5.2.         Rules applied upon arrival

  • in order to being granted access inside the hotel, upon arrival guests are required to present the statutory declaration previously downloaded from the hotel’s webiste, filled in and signed, even if it was sent in advance by e-mail. The declaration will be kept in the hotel’s records for a month since check-in date, complying with personal data protection regulation;
  • it is forbidden for hotel staff to handle guest’s vehicles. If an available parking space is found in the hotel’s private parking lot, the guest is the one responsabile for parking manoeuvres. The parking’s security staff it is not allowed to take and store the keys from the parked cars;
  • in order to be able comply with all sanitary standards of hygiene specific for these times and in order to have the necesarry amount of time to properly clean and disinfect all rooms IT IS NOT POSSIBLE TO CHECK-IN EARLIER THEN 16:00. IN THE DAY OF THE CHECK-IN, GUESTS MUST AVOID ARRIVING AT THE HOTEL BEFORE 16:00, BECAUSE THE RULES OF PHYSICAL DISTANCING WILL NOT PERMIT ACCESS OR STATIONING IN THE HOTEL LOBBY FOR MORE THEN 30 PEOPLE AT ONCE.
  • the same conditions apply for departures, too. ON THE DAY OF THE CHECK-OUT, RELEASING THE OCCUPIED ROOM MUST TAKE PLACE UNTIL 12:00 or check the availability for late check-out.
  • these measures have been taken in order to insure the protection of both guests and employees, to eliminate the possibility of any overcrowding in the hotel lobby, to fully minimize interference and contact between incoming and departing guests and to insure the necesarry amount of time for proper and complete cleaning and disinfection procedures of accommodation areas;
  • if luggage handling inside the hotel is needed, this operation shall be carried out only by front desk assistants with the help of luggage carts (previously disinfected);
  • in order to avoid contaminating the recently clean and disinfected rooms, luggage will be transported exclusively up the door of the asigned room;


5.3.         Rules during your stay

  • before occupying it, every room is thoroughly cleaned, sanitized and disinfected, in compliance with professional procedures and using only high quality materials and substances aproved by the authorities;
  • apart from using special substances, the final disinfection of every room is completed by ozone generators and ultraviolet sterilization lamps;
  • after the final disinfection, the room’s door is bloked by sealing the magnetic card insertion slot. The seal will be removed only by the next guest occupying the recently prepared room;
  • daily cleaning of the rooms already checked-in takes place randomly, between 08:30 – 13:30, the housekeepers announcing their intention of entering the room by knocking and saying „CLEANING SERVICE”. After 13:30, cleaning maintenance services are no longer available, due to the fact that housekeepers dedicate their work only to prepare those rooms receiving new guests;
  • if during their stay, guests wish to minimize as much as possible contact with the hotel’s employees, then the daily cleaning service can be done only at the guest’s special request, upon attaching to the door’s handle, on the exterior, the „CLEAN MY ROOM” green sign, when exiting the room, but no later then 12:00. In this situation, the cleaning process will be done according to internal procedures and classification standards, exclusively when guests are not in the room;
  • if contact with the hotel’s employees is not at all wanted and cleaning is desired to be postponed, guests can use the „DO NOT DISTURB” red sign, which can be hung by the room’s door handle during the those specific day / days ;
  • as long as the „DO NOT DISTURB” sign will be attached to the door’s handle, the housekeepers will not enter the room;
  • in case of postponing the daily cleaning process, guests can have their towels changed and the bathroom suplies reffiled, by contacting the Front Desk Department at the interior number 333 or mobile number 0732.121.606 and mentioning the time range when they will be out of the room;
  • if guests choose to interact as less as possible with the hotel’s emloyees, the daily emptying of the dustbin can be easily done if during the evening the closed trashbag is left outside the hotel room. The next morning, guests will find the disinfected dustbin and new trashbag waiting at the door;
  • in the event of a technical failure in the occupied room, guests must immediately announce it to the Front Desk Department by calling 0732.121.606 or 333 internal number. The Technical Department staff will enter the room complying with the health safety regulation and exclusively in the absence of the guests ;
  • room ventilation is recommanded to be done naturally as much as possible by opening the balcony door and by using as less as possible the room’s cooling This limits any risk, even if the rooms are independently ventilated and the ventilation filter is sprayed with disinfectant after every occupancy;
  • when entering and exiting the room, guest are required to sanitize their hands with water and soap and use the sanitizer dispensers while being in the hotel’s common areas;
  • the printed materials in the rooms, the information folder, the brochures and magazines have been completly removed out of sanitary safety. However, all the necessary information regarding the hotel can be displayed either by accesing the hotel’s internal TV channel (01st channel), directly downloading it on your mobile phone or tablet by scanning the QR codes in the room or accessing the hotel’s website Also, by scanning the QR codes in the room the guests can gain access to the Internal Health Security Regulation, to the instructions regarding restaurant reservations, the restaurant’s menu, the bar menu, instructions regarding outdoor pool and beach reservations, details regarding massages and fees.
  • out of sanitary reasons and because of excessive difficulty in managing the complicated procedures of disinfection which implies a high amount of time and auxiliary staff, MINIBAR SERVICE will be available with a limited selection of products;
  • the hotel rooms don’t offer refrigerators, but only small coolers (minbar), exclusively dedicated for cooling some miniature bottles with alchoholic beverages, beer, wine or refreshments. These coolers are not inteded for storing food and, under no circumstances, insure proper storage of food destined for babies or small children. We insist on NOT storing any kind of food products in the minibar.


6.         Breakfast, lunch, dinner and bar services

  • every night or daily between breakfast, lunch and dinner time, the serving areas in the restaurant are thoroughly cleaned, sanitized and disinfected, in compliance with professional procedures and using only high quality materials and substances approved by the authorities;
  • in addition to these special substances, the disinfection of these areas is completed by ozon generators and sterilization lamps;
  • disinfection of tables, surfaces and cutlery is insured after every client / group;
  • access inside the serving areas of the restaurant and bar, for any type of service, is possible only with a prior reservation, made by phone, at 0732.121.614 (available between 09:00 – 20:00)
  • according to the already existing number of reservations, your request will be either confirmed or another available option will be suggested;


  • breakfast is served between 07.00 and 10.00, inside the restaurant or on its outdoor terrace,
  • beside serving breakfast in the hotel’s restaurant or on its terrace, guests also have a „take away” option, in the form of a package containing only cold products;
  • access to and from the restaurant and bar, and their terraces, will be allowed only through the entry / exit points and only upon mentioning the reservation’s confirmaton number, the room number and the number of persons sitting at the table;
  • we kindly ask you to wait at checkpoint for every procedure to be carried out ;
  • please, follow the staff’s directions regarding table sitting, as it is stricty forbidden to modify tables and chairs set up;
  • out of sanitary reasons, it is not allowed to leave the restaurant or terrace with any food dishes. Guests can exit breakfast only with coffee (in a disposable plastic cup) or bottle of water or refreshment;
  • upon entering the restaurant, terrace or bar areas guests will be monitored for observational triage, and in case of any suspicion, that person’s temperature will be measured using the equipment available at the entry. Guests measuring a temperature above 37.3*C will be advised to contact their family doctor;
  • guests entering the serving areas are required to be completely and properly dressed, to comply with the current standards of personal hygiene (freshly washed hands, with soap and water), to respect physical distancing and to wear protection face masks until eating or drinking;
  • guests entering or exiting the bar’s or restaurant’s terraces must sanitize their hands using the dispensers placed visibly at the entrance;
  • allthroughout meal service, guests are required to comply with the rules of physical distancing from other guests and hotel employees. On the terrace, tables and chairs set up can not be modified under any circumstances;
  • tables will be placed 2 m apart from each other and, at one table, guests will be sitted 1.5 m apart;
  • members of the same family or people living at the same adress can sit at one table without the 1.5 m distance between them, but no more then 4 people / table at once;
  • it is forbidden to switch menus, salt shakers, cruet stands or any other objects from a table to another;
  • guests can not ask the hotel staff to sit at one table more people then the current regulation imposes. Joining tables or adding more chairs around a table is forbidden;
  • guests will follow accordingly the circulation signes for exiting or entering hotel areas;
  • guests can dispose of their protection equipment either in the dustbins inside their rooms, or inside de public toilet rooms, with this ocassion also sanitizing their hands;
  • out of sanitary reasons, classic menus are currently unavailable. Menu lists can be downloaded on your mobile phone by scanning the displayed QR codes, can be requested to the waiter in a disposable printed form or dispayed on the waiter’s tablet;
  • in order to minimize contact with money and hotel staff, guests are advised to pay by credit card;
  • access to and from the restaurant, terraces and public toilet rooms must be done following the one-way passages, one for entering and another one for exiting;
  • a la carte Lunch service takes place between 13:00 – 16:30, only with a prior table reservation made at 121.614.
  • a la carte Dinner service is scheduled between 18:30 – 22:00 (last order must be placed at 21:00 the latest and the bill will be issued at 21:45), only with a prior table reservation. At 22:00, both the restaurant and terrace will close and access will no longer be possible.
  • the confirmation for a table reservation at a certain hour depends on the availability at the moment of the request and the maître d’hotel will assign a table according to availability and number of persons. Because of the physical distancing measures, the guest can not be the one deciding the table’s location or the number of persons allowed to sit.


7.         Events Center

7.1        General rules

  • guests found in the conference rooms are required to comply with the current standards of personal hygiene and to wear the protection face mask;
  • guests entering or exiting the conference rooms are required to sanitize their hands using the sanitizer dispensers located at the entrance;
  • in the areas destined for meetings, conferences and events, physical distancing is always mandatory (at least 2 m). In case the meetings involve sitting around tables, distance between people sitting at the same table must be at least 2 m. Physical distancing measures will be visibly displayed inside the conference center and will have to be complied with upon entering the center, the foyer, while meetings take place, during coffee breaks and upon exiting the conference center;
  • guests shall not request assemblies / meetings for a larger number of participants then the current regulation allows and shall not narrow distance between tables and chairs;
  • each participant shall occupy the same place during the entire event and shall not use other participant’s items such as notepads, pens, markers, etc.;
  • guests must follow the circulation signs of each conference room for entering or exiting;
  • guests can dispose of their used protection equipment only in the dustbins inside their rooms or in those inside the public toilets, on which ocassion they can also sanitize their hands;
  • it’s forbidden to share the same mobile microphone, mousse and keyboards, touch screens, remote controll etc. Should this not be a possible option, it’s necessary to disinfect these items after every use;
  • during breaks, conference areas must be naturally ventilated;
  • wardrobe service is currently not available.

7.2.       Coffee breaks

  • for coffee breaks, participants must comply with the service hours previously set by the event coordinators;
  • participants will not handle food and beverages. Serving during coffee breaks will be done only by the hotel employees ;
  • coffee breaks will take place only on the conference center’s terrace, according to the current physical distancing measures;
  • participants will place the cutlery they used in special places, located in the area where coffee breaks take place.


8.         Spa and massage rooms

8.1.       Spa


  • taking into consideration current regulation regarding physical distancing, the number of persons for acces at spa center Zenith has been significantly reduced;
  • regardless of the type of room or package previously acquired, access to the spa can not be guaranteed;
  • the spa is opened daily, starting with 10:00 ( Saturday and Sunday) and 12:00 ( Monday-Friday) until 20:00, and is intended only for guests staying in the hotel and for the clients from outside;
  • access to the spa is granted upon availability, in the order of arrival , or of the reservations that are made;
  • the intention of using the spa can be announced exclusively by phone, contacting the SPA’s front desk at 0786.805.702;
  • upon reservation, the guest will, also, be told the exact time for comming to the spa’s front desk and be granted access to the spa;
  • we kindly ask to comply with the indicated hour, in order to insure a minimum contact with other guests scheduled to access the spa;
  • should you not be able to arrive at the confirmed hour, please announce promptly the spa’s front desk, in order to reschedule;
  • access to the spa is allowed in the limit of 20 persons;
  • childrens are not accepted in the spa;
  • complying with the 2 m distance between persons is mandatory for guests who are not part of the same family;
  • guests are not allowed to modify the facilities set up. For special situations, please ask for assistance;
  • the spa personnel , first of all, check with the hotel’s front desk if those guests are indeed members of the same family;
  • guests not complying with the regulation imposed by the authorities can be evacuated by the hotel’s representatives;
  • spa access will be restricted if capacity limits and physical distancing will not be respected;
  • access to the spa is possible only from the starting point (the spa’s front desk) and then following the signeled path;
  • the process of epidemiological triage will take place upon entering the spa’s front desk area. Access for guests measuring a temperature above 37.3*C will be not allowed;
  • for a more efficient sanitary safety and in order to minimize human contact, the number of employees interacting with guets has been reduced;
  • when using public toilets, guests must comply with physical distancing measures, with the civism standards and must display mutual respect;
  • the public toilets located at the ground floor and 1st floor inside the spa, and insure guests with water, soap, disinfectant, paper towels and dustbins;
  • out of sanitary reasons, bar services at the spa may be completely or partially eliminated;
  • respiratory hygiene is essential (when caughing or sneezing always use disposable tissues, throwing it afterwords in a dustbin);
  • using protection face masks is mandatory inside public areas (public toilets, while transiting the spa’s reception area );
  • hotel employees will try to limit as much as possible physical interaction with guests and will discourage excessive interraction between them;
  • spa personnel will wear a protection face mask while interracting with guests, which is also requested for the guests;
  • for spa facilities , guests shall use their personal towel or can rent one from the spa’s front desk;
  • the rates applied for renting towels , bathrobes, acces spa and for massages are displayed at the spa’s front desk.


8.2.       Locker rooms

  • currently, access to the locker rooms is available only for the clients that are not accomodated in the hotel, and their are from outside;

8.3.       Massage Rooms

  • the schedual of the massage procedures must be stricly respected in order to allow the staff to properly sanitize spaces between reservations;
  • preferably, the time of arrival should not be earlier then scheduled. However, in case of an early arrival, waiting will take place in the hotel’s lobby;
  • clients not staying in the hotel will dress and undress in the massage room;
  • the guest will meet with the masseur infront at the spa’s reception and will be directed to the massage room;
  • guests are required to wear the protection face mask all through out the massage / procedure, excepting for facials;
  • the masseur has the obligation to wear protection face mask and gloves during the procedures;


8.4.      Spa Facilities are: Dry sauna, wet sauna, salt room, Jacuzzi,emotional showers, self fitness and cardio corner