Hair removal is one of the care routines that does not consume much time, but which cannot even be skipped. Whether we are preparing to go on holiday or we always want beautiful and fine skin, quality waxing is one of the ingredients of personal success. Wax epilation can be used successfully for all areas of the body (including the face), it helps us to avoid cuts, bumps and unsightly marks left by other methods of hair removal.

Moustache hair removal – 10 min – 15 Lei
Armpit hair removal – 15 min – 25 Lei
”Short” arms hair removal- 20 min – 30 Lei
”Long” arms hair removal – 25 min – 35 Lei
Inguinal slip hair removal – 15 min – 30 Lei
Total inguinal hair removal – 30 min – 50 Lei
”Short” legs hair removal – 20 min – 50 Lei
”Long” legs hair removal – 30 min – 60 Lei
Total hair removal – 90 min – 150 Lei

Any rate change for the above services will be publicly announced (website and Facebook page) at least 5 days before the entry into force of the rates in question.