The decontracting massage of the back will remove numbness or acute fatigue, felt in the muscles of the back, neck, shoulders and pelvis. It is recommended for people who already have chronic muscle contractions caused by stress, inappropriate posture, or various demanding activities.
Muscle contractions are determined by both lack of sport and intense physical exertion.

The maneuvers are designed both to relax the muscles in depth and to restore poor blood circulation, to ensure good blood and lymph flow.
This type of massage helps people who experience persistent muscle tension, those who engage in demanding physical activities, athletes, but also people with a sedentary life, who stay for a long time still, in a certain position.

Massage price: 90 Lei
Duration: 20 min

Any rate change for the above services will be publicly announced (website and Facebook page) at least 5 days before the rates in question are applicable.