A ritual specially designed for removing excess fluids and accumulated toxic elements with intense body remodeling effect. Professional Gerovital Equilibrium products contain vitamins, caffeine, natural oils and other beneficial ingredients that will become active when applied to the skin. They will destroy impurities, toxins, dead cells, to then allow deep skin hydration. The result will be a smooth and velvety skin with a younger appearance.

The anticellulite ritual contains:

1x enzymatic gommage 10 min

1x body remodeling activator 7 min

1x thermoactive gel 8 min

1x anti-cellulite massage 30 min

1x anti-green mask wrap 20 min

1x hydration with spa cream relax 15 min

Price: 220 lei

Duration: 90 min

Any rate change for the above services will be publicly announced (website and Facebook page) at least 5 days before the entry into force of the rates in question.